Interim IT Management

The core of our service offering. With expertise across the entire range of IT roles, we can support you on an interim basis with skilled resource, always with a long term strategic focus, but with the ability to deliver now. […]

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IT Strategy Development

With technology moving so quickly it can be tempting to believe that the organisation doesn’t need an IT strategy.  However as Gartner predict, ‘90% of all applications in use today will still be in use in 2023’.   I would […]

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Technology roadmap development

Often there is insufficient appetiate within an organisation to develop a full IT Strategy, but there is a need to define roadmaps for specific applications. Here at Lentium we have extensive experience in defining the technical direction for applications and […]

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Capability and Process Development

Do you have an Enterprise Architecture function already that isn’t quite delivering what you want or do you believe that your organisation is just reaching the point where you need to have a more mature, structured approach to architecture?  In […]

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The term “Lentium” originates from the Latin for lens. Our approach to technology utilises various lenses to analyse the situation, develop a plan and execute the delivery. This approach of viewing the challenge through the lens of technology, finance, people, geography, politics, etc then moving up to the helicopter view provides deep insight and often leads to creative solutions for our clients.

Lentium Consulting Ltd was formed in August 2018 as a vehicle for the provision of interim IT Leadership roles and consultancy engagements focused on the following areas:

Interim IT Management:

Interim IT management roles such as CIO, IT Director, CTO, Enterprise Architect, IT Delivery Director. We have extensive experience and a strong network that allows us to bring the right skills to bear for short or longer term engagements. We are

Consultancy Services:

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