Capability and Process Development

Do you have an Enterprise Architecture function already that isn’t quite delivering what you want or do you believe that your organisation is just reaching the point where you need to have a more mature, structured approach to architecture?  In either case we can help you build your architecture capability and processes.

The approach broadly follows TOGAF, but this is not ivory tower architecture.  Architecture is not about telling technology architects what they can and cannot do.  It’s not about slowing down agile development practices.  It’s not about telling divisional CIOs that they have to toe the party line.

We have a number of pre-populated templates that will quickly establish a level of architectural governance processes, establish standards based on what is already in place and work to align developments and reduce technical debt.

This is just a glimpse of how we at Lentium can jump start your architecture processes and establish a level of coherence without slowing the pace of change delivery.

If you need help with architecture or architecture teams please get in touch via email at or call James on +44 7966 40 2650. We’d love to hear from you.