Technology roadmap development

Often there is insufficient appetiate within an organisation to develop a full IT Strategy, but there is a need to define roadmaps for specific applications.

Here at Lentium we have extensive experience in defining the technical direction for applications and infrastructure and communicating this in a manner that makes sense to non-IT stakeholders.

Engagements can take the many forms, from developing a roadmap for a single application to leading or supporting the development and execution of an RFP process.  Specific examples include:

  • Roadmap for an integration platform, consolidating multiple platforms to one and adding capabilities such as active monitoring, capacity control and API management to allow monetisation.
  • Full RFP preparation and execution for a platform that supported a £1bn revenue eCommerce channel.
  • Development of a hosting strategy to migrate a traditional application estate from a managed service provider to a cloud hosted platform while insourcing infrastructure support and system administration.

We always work closely with and often coach the incumbent application managers who understand the application in detail and often know the direction to take it, but who may be unable to articulate this in a compelling manner.

Above all we recognise that a CIO seldom, if ever, has a blank cheque so building the business case for the roadmap is an essential aspect of our service offering.

If you want to get started on your strategy and have a few burning platforms that need some direction, please get in touch by email on or call James on +44 7966 40 2650.  We would love to help you develop some initial roadmaps.